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  • Genevieve

The 3 easy steps how to apply MOALI oil.

If you follow these three easy steps, your hair will look fantastic and you will be sure not to have any oily effect on your hair. This apply mostly for MOALI after shampoo, but you can also use those 3 steps also for MOALI pre shampoo.

The format of 50 ml is supposed to last approximately 4 months if used on a regular basis.

Step 1:

There is no silicon in our mixture, this gives a very liquid oil. You must pour the oil slowly if you want to avoid wasting of your product. Here is a little video of the best way to have the needed quantity in your hand.

Your hands will look oily, but only on a small spot.

Step 2:

Mix the oil in your hands to warm it up and be sure to distribute the oil evenly in your hands.

Step 3:

To put oil on all your hair, you can put all your hair on one side and massage the hair with your hands.

You can repeat those easy steps to have the exact amount of MOALI oil you need for your hair. It all depend on the length and amount of hair that you have.

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