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Best conditioner is no conditioner, here is why!

Do you even know what the three main ingredients of your conditioner are?

Most people think that their conditioner keeps their hair healthy but what they don’t even know is what the ingredients in it are. In the top 3 main ingredients we usually find in mainstream brands, one is silicone or a derivative. Recently, some even try to replace it with another chemical mixture called stearamidopropyl dimethylamine. A chemical that we don’t even know yet if it’s good for us.

Hair loss, thinner hair..!?

People are always driving by having everything too quick and this is exactly why big company are able to sell their product. Conditioner give you quick results and you start using it because it gives you an impression of soft hair. Unfortunately, this impression does not last as the product tend to leave your hair thinner, dehydrated and heavy.

What are your options?

Just like what you eat, the best conditioner is the one you can actually understand the ingredients list - like natural oils. Moreover, most of them will have the same exact results - healthy and beautiful hair - but without any chemicals that will damage your hair in the long run. We suggest you try oils bath once a month and you'll see results without any harm. Natural oils will do the trick - That's our mission!

This what we believe in and why we offer you our mix of natural oils at an affordable price: the Moali pre shampoo.

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