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Moali the brand started almost a year ago when I have noticed a lack in the hair product industry for natural hair oil.  Too many people were buying hair oil without knowing that there was not even 10% of oil in their bottle. Silicone was the main ingredient and that was not a good thing. The project was to make people realised how bad silicone is for their hair and how it is possible to replace the bad product they were used to with affordable products made in Canada with natural ingredients such as coconut oil, sweet almonds oil and Vitamin E. All of the ingredients that you can find in Moali hair oils were found from ancestral practices from different cultures. Now, more and more people like natural products because of all their benefits on them and on the environment and that is why more and more people love Moali’s product.

I always love traveling and that’s why all the products including accessories are inspired by fashion and trend all around the world. Headbands, scrunches are all timeless essential accessories to all women around the world. My goal is to inspire you create your style for your healthy hair by making all piece unique starting from the hair oils to the accessories.

Help by my mother who used to work in the sewing industry when she was younger, all scarfs are handmade. I love creating every pieces with love and sharing this moment with my mother. We can diversify the size and the pattern and let you style it the way you want.

Be inspired and let your creativity represent your style.

Owner Geneviève

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